Oct 11, 2011

Red River Runners -- "Fall Freshen Up"

It's been a long and glorious summer. Everyone was busy running their buns off here or there. Now that the Fall races are slowly winding down, let's re-group and get re-acquainted with the Grand Forks running community! Every Saturday from now until forever (ok, not really forever, but we'll get close), we will be meeting on Saturday mornings for group runs. These group runs are open to ALL RUNNERS who want to get their day started off on the right foot, or to end their week on a high note. Distances are decided upon arrival and vary from 3 miles, all the way up to marathon training distances. The Saturday morning runs are also going to be simultaneously used for training for the Fargo Marathon or other Spring races. This training program starts in January....you'll hear more on that later.

For now, please come on out and join us this Saturday at 8am at the YMCA. Tell your friends, force your family, and encourage your co-workers to do the same. We have a HUGE running community in Grand Forks and I invite you all to use RRRGF to bring everyone together for some good old fashioned fun.

More updates to come regarding the 2012 season of RRRGF. Until then, happy running y'all!

Stacy Kusler
RRRGF lead cheese.

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