Apr 15, 2011

The LOOP is back!

Runners, The loop concept went so well last week that we're brining it back! This week, meet at the YMCA at 7am for 9 miles, 18 miles, and anything else you might want to run. THE 9 MILE LOOP Dave W and Mike H will be your trainers this week. They'll be stationed around the course for water/gatorade and such. Now is a good time to be testing out your food/water intake for the race. It's better to know what doesn't agree with your stomach on a training run rather than in a race. Practice carrying gels or some kind of calories with you for energy. You guys are burning mega calories during your training runs and it's important to stay fueled to make it through to the end. There might still be a bit of snow left in the morning, but it will be warming up enough to melt it. And to think....we almost put our hats and gloves away! Have a great run. I'll be thinking of you while I'm racing in Crookston at the PI Run!

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