Apr 28, 2011

8 and 20 miles this Saturday

Hi Runners!

Well, the marathoners have finally arrived at their longest training run of the season....the 20 miler! Here is how we're going to do it:

Here, I have a 10 mile loop mapped out. The full will run this 2x for the 20. Halfers, you have 8 miles, so I want you to follow this route until you get to 11th & 34th (intersection on Ray Richards golf course road). The marathoners will go RIGHT towards 17th, but you will go LEFT towards Demers. Follow demers to Wash, then back to the Y. This will equal 8 miles for you.

Dave Wishart and Andrew Knight will be your support team this weekend. One of them will be stationed at 11th and 34th (where the half and full split). This will be at about the 5 mile mark to catch the full and the half (this is also 15 mile mark for the full). The other water man will be floating throughout the course and will be back at the Y for the finishers.

Happy Running!

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