Mar 10, 2011

Saturday run...WOOP!


Are you ready to go the distance?! This week, the half marathoners are running 6, and the full marathoners are pushing it to 14! Wahoo! Please join us, no matter WHAT distance you're ready/willing to run. We will meet at Center Court at 8am this week. Dave Wishart and a few other trainers will be your leader this week (I will be "wooping" it up at the Special Olympics State bball Tourney in Minot).

Please make sure to look at the routes closely. If you haven't figured out the trick yet, click on the link, and then to zoom in, click the + or - arrows on the left to see the street view. If you want to enhance the view, click the "map", "satellite", or "hybrid" option in the top right. To move through the route, just click and drag and the map will move so you can see all areas. It works pretty slick, so check it out!

We will begin having the option of a 7am meeting IN ADDITION to the 8am meeting. This is so you have the option to get your longer runs done before the rest of the world wakes up.

We are working on having a spaghetti feed on Friday before the end of Phase 2. This will also include a special presentation from our trainers. Stay tuned for more information.

Happy Running!

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