Mar 31, 2011

Routes for Saturday, April 2

Hi runners!

Here are the routes for this weekend. 9 or 16 for those training for Fargo. I will have a turnaround point for those wanting to go 4 or less. We'll meet at 7am at the YMCA.

Another note: Next week Friday is the day before our last day of Phase 2! In honor of that, we are going to have a PASTA FEED on Friday, April 8th at Cottonwood Community Church (same place we had the pancake breakfast). We will provide basic noodles and pasta sauce, but we will also open it up to be a potluck style feed so we can try some yummy dishes from all of you! I will send out a list of who can bring what later on next week.

Since you've all been putting in so much time with training, we know that is means less time with your families. That's why we invite you to bring along families to the pasta feed! We will have a short presentation by our trainers and the rest of the time will be reserved for mingling. Mark your calendars and I hope you can make it.

Below are the routes. See you soon!

1 comment:

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