Mar 27, 2009

Group Run Cancelled for 3-28-09


We will NOT be meeting this week for our group run due to the flooding situation in our community.

Please take the opportunity to help where it's needed. There are plenty of things you can help with in Grand Forks to fight flooding. If you can make it to Fargo to help, PLEASE GO! They need it very badly!

I will send out PHASE 3 of training soon.

Take care and happy running (if you can find a dry road)!

Mar 18, 2009

Running routes for 3-21-09

Hello runners!

Boy, the weeks are really flying by! We are embarking on our 11th group run together...only 7 more group runs to go before FARGO!!!

Here are some notes about this weekend:

Marathoners, please meet your trainers at 7AM this Saturday at the YMCA for your 16 mile run. This is for a variety of reasons. 1.) The earlier you start, the earlier you'll be able to get back to your Saturday, and 2.) traffic tends to pick up the closer we get to noon....we want you to be safe and off the roads before traffic gets too heavy. Lithia will be out there with water again for you. We will try to catch you at miles 7, 12, and 14.5. Water will be provided, but please bring your own sports drinks.

Half marathoners, please meet your trainers at the regularly scheduled 8am at the YMCA. If you would like me to put out water/sports drinks for you during your 9 mile run, please bring that with you this weekend. I will leave it for you at the half way point.

I always appreciate emails about how you guys are feeling. Please drop me a line if you have some time and let me know how you're feeling so far! Not only does this help me help you, but it also helps me make the group better in the years to come. Thank you!


RRR GF FULL 3-21-09 (16) (Follw 3-22-08)

RRR GF HALF 3-21-09 (9)

Happy Running!

Mar 12, 2009

Routes for 3-14-09

Here are the routes for this weekend. I will be out of town this weekend, but Dave, Amy, Amanda, and the other trainers will take great care of you!

Full marathoners, you have 15 miles to go. We will have water stations at mile 7 and mile 12. Please bring your own sports drinks if you want those in the water vehicle. THANK YOU LITHIA SCION FOR SUPPORTING OUR RUNNERS!

Half marathoners, you have 8 miles to go this weekend. You all did so great last weekend and I know you'll do great again this weekend!

The weather looks like it will warm up for Saturday. Please be cautious of the ice. Take side streets if you can and need to avoid water/ice.

Good luck, runners! Spring will be here soon....hang in there through this (hopefully) last bout of snowy weather!

RRR GF FULL 3-14-09 (15) (Follow March 15th 2008)

RRR GF HALF 3-14-09 (8) (Follow March 15th 2008)

Happy Running!

Mar 7, 2009

Patrick Anderson Presentation Sunday at 5pm

On Sunday, March 8th at 5pm, Patrick Anderson will be speaking to our running club.

Patrick is a Yoga instructor and a masseuse who will talk to us about how important each of these things are for runners.

He is VERY good at what he does and he has a wonderful knowledge of the human body. He is the best masseuse I've ever been to and the most fun Yoga class I've been to!

Please enjoy his presentation at 5pm on Sunday. Meet in the lobby of Center Court and head down to the Group Exercise room at 5.

Happy Running!

Mar 5, 2009

Routes for March 7th, 2009

Hello Happy Warm Runners!

What great weather we've been having! Just makes you want to smile, doesn't it? The 4 months of bone-chilling cold really does make you appreciate a 20 degree day, doesn't it?

Here are the routes for this weekend. See you at 8am on Saturday at the YMCA. OR, if you're a halfer and want to get going early, Amy and Amanda will be doing the 7 mile run starting at 6am. Meet them in the parking lot at that time.

Happy Running!

RRR GF FULL 3-7-09 (13)

RRR GF HALF 3-7-09 (7)