Jan 29, 2009

January 31st, 2009

Hi Gang!

Here are the routes for this Saturday's run. Please meet at Center Court Fitness Club at 8am up in the lobby. If you can make it a little before 8, we'll be sure not to leave you behind!

It's going to be a beautiful morning for a run. No "it's too cold" excuses allowed!

Happy Running

RRR GF Full 1-31-09 (9)


RRR GF HALF 1-31-09 (4)


Jan 24, 2009


Kudos to Denae, Shanna, Dave, Bill, Kathleen, and the newby Chris for braving the cold this morning!

I have to admit, I had it in my mind that no one would show up ready to run outside today, but much to my surprise (and delight), I found out just how dedicated you guys are. It's very motivating. Thank you!

Next week, Center Court at 8am. Enjoy your weekend.

Happy Running!

Jan 23, 2009

Saturday's Run...


Saturday is looking to be a little on the chilly side (forecast of -13 for 8am). I will let you decide for yourself if you want to run outside or in.

If you do choose to run indoors, RRR-GF is very thankful of Center Court and the YMCA for allowing us the use their facilities for days like these. Let's stay on their good side by following the rules:
If possible, try to avoid the busy time (8am to 10am, noon to 3pm) I would ask that you either run early in the morning or late afternoon so we don't upset the members of either gym.

If you need a gym pass, please call or text me...you should all have my contact information.

If you are running outdoors, here are the routes. Full marathoners, I will have you follow the same course as 1-10-09:

RRR GF HALF 1-24-09


RRR GF FULL (follow 1-10-09)


I will be at the YMCA tomorrow morning at 8am for those of you who want to pick up gym passes from me. I will also run outside if there is anyone wanting to go.

Happy Running!

Jan 19, 2009

Nutrition Presentation

Thank you to Denae Grove for her great nutrition presentation last night!

Denae gave some great information about staying hydrated and fueled during training. She talked about the best way to fuel before, during, and after a run, and gave some great information about sports drinks and energy bars/gels and how they can sometimes be overused or not used properly.

I have some extra hand-outs from the presentation in case you were not able to make it. I will bring them to Saturday's run.

Have a great week of training and I will see you at 8am on 1-24-09 at the YMCA.

Happy Running!

Jan 17, 2009



I want to send out a big THANK YOU to all of you for making this running group SO MUCH FUN! We have an AMAZING increase in numbers from last year, and that makes it such a great experience for everyone.

I sat around observing after the run and was so pleased to see that friendships are forming, connections are being made, and the "bonding" is starting to happen. I hope we can continue to inspire and motivate each other to keep us going for the next 16 weeks.

Congrats to all.

Happy Running!

Jan 15, 2009

Routes for 1-17-09

Hi Runners!

We will be meeting at Center Court at 8am on Saturday, January 17th. Please meet up in the lobby a little before 8am so we can get organized and out the door on time.

Follow the links below for your routes. Please make sure to check them out so you know where to go on Saturday. So far, we've been able to stick pretty close together, but in case you lose the group, be sure you know where you're going.

RRR GF FULL 1-17-09


RRR GF HALF 1-17-09


Happy Running!

Jan 14, 2009

Nutrition Presentation Sunday at 7pm

Please note the time has changed to 7PM!

Red River Runners – Grand Forks Presents…..

Nutrition for Runners

By Licensed, Registered Dietitian Denae Grove

Denae Grove is a Fitness Program Manager at the Grand Forks Air Force Base and is also a Clinical Dietitian at Meritcare.

An avid runner herself, Denae will talk to us about the importance

of a good diet while training for a running event.

Join us on Sunday, January 18th from 7pm to 8pm in the

Group Exercise Room at Center Court Fitness Club!


What: Nutrition For Runners

Presented by: Red River Runners – Grand Forks

Who: Denae Grove, LRD

When: Sunday January 18th at 7pm

Where: Center Court Fitness Club, Group Exercise Room

Jan 10, 2009

First Group Run....Chilly, but great!

Congratulations, runners! You made it through the first week of training! We were lucky to have minimal wind this morning, which always makes running more fun. The cold was definitely there, though...evidence by the pictures below!

Congrats on making it through.

We'll see you next week.

Happy Running!

Jan 9, 2009

Running outdoors on 1-10-09

Hello Runners!

Sorry for the late post...I was listening to the Fighting Sioux kick the Gopher's tails tonight.

Please come prepared to run outside tomorrow. The forecasts are showing mostly sunny with highs between 9 and 13 degrees for tomorrow. The wind chills will make it quite a bit cooler, but we can handle it.

The routes are listed in the previous post. Check them out and get yourself mentally prepared for the trek.

A few important things to remember:

When it's icy, be on the defensive. It's easier for you to stop than it is for a vehicle. Slow down and look both ways at every intersection and, if you can, avoid wearing ear phones or iPods so you can hear vehicles approaching, sliding on ice, etc.

Make sure to fuel up with a small breakfast at least an hour before the run tomorrow. Running in the cold takes a lot of energy, so eating before is important. Stay hydrated, too. It's easy to get dehydrated in the winter because we don't "feel" as thirsty as on hot days. Make a conscious effort to drink water.

I will go over this tomorrow, but I think it's important to mention twice: Stretching is SO important to your training routine! If you think you're stretching too much, you're probably just about right. Take the time to do this, and you'll be preventing injuries like you wouldn't believe. The last thing any of us want is for a silly injury to put us on the sidelines. Take the time to stretch and you'll never regret it.

See you all tomorrow morning!

Happy Running

Jan 7, 2009

Running Routes for 1-10-09


Please find your routes here:

RRR GF HALF 1-10-09

RRR GF FULL 1-10-09


I chose "out-and-back" routes for this first run so I can get a feel for where everyone is in their training. This also gives runners a chance to turn around early if the weather is bad, or if they chose a distance that was too much for the first group run.

Beginners, if you don't feel like you're ready to run 3 miles on your first day, DO NOT WORRY! I have a plan for you and I'll share it on Saturday.

Happy Running!

Supplement to my "weather" comment

Ok, so North Dakota weather is taking it's true form by blessing us with yet another snow storm for this weekend. As of now, please continue to plan on running outside on Saturday for our group run. I will keep you posted with any further information. Weather.com is saying it's going to be 11 above, but the National Weather Service is saying 8 below.....quite a swing, if you ask me. Who is correct? I guess time will tell.

Not to worry, we will keep you safe during your run this weekend no matter what.

Check back later in the week for more info.

Happy Running!

Jan 4, 2009

The weather outside is....

...actually looking to be OK this week! Tuesday is going to be a balmy 12 degrees....HEAT WAVE!! This is perfect for your first "official" week of training for the Fargo Marathon or Half marathon.

The weather always poses an interesting challenge to us in the North. You can either be a victim to it by skipping your run and staying inside your warm house under a blanket sipping hot chocolate, or you can overcome it by looking it straight in the eye, saying "you're not gonna stop me today"! The latter, it seems, is always the more rewarding outcome. The more bad-weather days you overcome, the better off you'll be when it comes time to step up to the line in Fargo.

Getting in your training each week is so important, no matter what the weather. You joined this class for a reason. You signed up for the Fargo full or half marathon for a reason. Think about your reason every time you want to skip your run or workout, because there's no better feeling than accomplishing a goal you set for yourself. The perfect running weather rarely comes around....it's time to get over it and get your butt out the door!

Happy Running!

Jan 3, 2009

Welcome to the RRR-GF Blog!

Hello Red River Runners - Grand Forks!

This blog has been created as an easy way to check up on what's happening with the club.

Weekly routes will be posted her, along with locations and start times of our group runs.

Our 18-week training program for the Fargo Marathon Weekend will begin on Saturday, January 10th at 8am at the Grand Forks YMCA. Please dress appropriately. I will send out an email with an informational packet on how to dress for winter running.

Thanks for your interest!

Happy Running