Mar 31, 2010

7am Group Run Start from YMCA on 4-3-10

Hi Runners!

Here we are, about to embark on the Saturday of our 10th group run. My, how time flies!!

This Saturday, meet at 7am at the YMCA if that's your preference. If you want to go at 8am, follow the same pattern that we've been using all along. I would request that all 8am runners drop me an email letting me know you'll be there so I can get an idea of group numbers.

Now, for the routes:

Full marathoners, you have 16 miles on the agenda! I am so proud of all of you for getting to this point. Every Saturday, you accomplish another feat of going farther than most of you have gone before. Congrats!

CLICK HERE for the route.

Half Marathoners, you have 9 miles this weekend. I am so impressed by the sheer number of you who keep coming back week after week! I have to say, it really makes my day when I get to see all of your smiling faces on a Saturday morning. Many of you, like the marathoners, are going farther than you've ever gone before. Congratulations on sticking with it. The finish line in Fargo will be SO SWEET!

CLICK HERE for the route.

Remember to get your shirt orders in SOON! I sent out a new email asking you to place your order. With this new way of ordering, you can see the design and order and pay online in one easy step! I will have ALL items shipped to me and I will dispense them the week of April 12th. One thing to note: when you've finished your online order, a screen will pop up with your order confirmation. Don't freak out if the description of the items is wrong (ex: hooded sweatshirt instead of running jacket). This is just a glitch on the shirt company's end and I have been assured we are getting our correct items!

See you Saturday!

Happy running.

Mar 24, 2010

Group run at 7am from Center Court!


Since the miles are getting longer and the sunshine is coming out earlier, we have decided to choose this week as the week we convert to 7am Saturday runs. If you still want to run at 8am, you are more than welcome to come at that time. I, for one, am not a 7am runner so I feel for those of you who share my beef with mornings!

Nonetheless, I want to offer the 7am run, especially to the marathoners, because I also appreciate having an entire Saturday to do what you want.

So, this week, meet at 7am at Center Court. CC doesn't open until 7am, so if you're planning to come ahead of time, prepare to chill in your car for a bit.
Those who want to come at 8, stick to the usual plan of meeting in the lobby.

Full marathoners will run 15 miles

Half Marathoners will run 8 miles

Happy Running!

Mar 19, 2010

Group Run 8am Saturday 3-20-10 from the YMCA

Hi Runners!

Group run tomorrow will start at 8am at the YMCA. See you there!!

Half, you have 7 miles. Full, you have 13!!

Half- 7 miles

Full - 13 miles

Mar 10, 2010

Group Run Saturday at 8am at Center Court

Hi Runners!

Group run Saturday, March 13th 2010. Start at 8am at Center Court. I will not be there to hand out cheat sheets, so be sure you're familiar with the routes before you arrive. Your trainers will be there to help you along the way.

Happy Running!

Mar 5, 2010

BREAKFAST at ULC after the run this weekend!

Pancakes! Get your pancakes here!

We are celebrating our completion of Phase I by having the trainers cook us breakfast this Saturday! We will start and finish from United Lutheran Church (address below). Please enter in the door closest to the day care fence (facing Walnut Street) by 8am (usual time).
While you're out running, your trainers will stay back to cook you breakfast! I hope you can all join us for some yummy pancakes, eggs, and juice.

Here are the routes, starting and finishing at ULC:

324 Chestnut Street
Grand Forks, ND 58201-4664
(701) 775-4279

PLEASE make sure your friends know the change of location. This was a last minute thing, so hopefully the word gets out quickly!!

Happy Running!