Jul 27, 2009

TNRG 7-28-09


Here is the link for tomorrow's run. Meet at 6pm at the YMCA downtown. It's an out and back route....take the bike trail through Lincoln park and Lincoln golf course, then take walking bridge across to the big Peabody Mansion (you'll know when you see it), then turn around and come back.


Happy Running!

Jul 21, 2009

Ta Ta Crusade Decorating Night

Anyone interested in helping out BEFORE the Ta Ta Crusade on Thursday, I could really use your help on Wednesday night at 7pm.

We will be meeting at Margo Larsen's house to make some decorations for the race. This includes posters, balloons, and general artsy crafty types of things. If you know how to work a staple gun, an air machine, and/or draw bubble letters, your services would be appreciated on Wednesday night (July 22nd) at 7pm. We'll probably be there for an hour or so.

If you need directions to Margo's house, please email me at redriverrunnersgf@yahoo.com.


Jul 20, 2009

TNRG 7-21-09

Runners -

Here is the link to the route for Tuesday night. It's around 5 miles, give or take. You may choose to add to this if you'd like! Thought I'd throw a nice easy one in there.

Happy running!


Jul 12, 2009

Request for race music!

Hi Runners,

Andrew Knight has been kind enough to offer his musical capabilities (ipod) for the pre and post race music for the Ta Ta Crusade on July 23rd.

He would like your input for songs. Please email me (redriverrunnersgf@yahoo.com) with your song requests and I will pass it on to Andrew.


Jul 6, 2009

TNRG 7-7-09

Here's the route, gang!

It's about 6. Again, google maps is not updated to show the current bike trail, so the map is an approximation of where I think it is.

See you tomorrow night!

Again, congrats to all who ran the 5k or 10k last weekend. Good showing for RRR-GF!


Happy Running!

Jul 4, 2009

Firecracker Fun Run 7-4-09

Some of the members of RRR-GF took part in a local 5k/10k on July 4th, 2009. To see a full list of results, log on to www.gfymca.org. Great Job everyone!

Stacy, Josh, and Margo before the race
Barb, Josh, and Stacy post-race

Karen, Stacy, and John post-race