Jun 29, 2009

TNRG 6-30-09

Runners -

Meet at 6:00PM at the YMCA on Tuesday June 30th for another episode of.....TNRG!!!!

Here are 2 options to choose from.

8 miles:


5 miles:

See y'all tomorrow night!

Happy Running.

Jun 23, 2009

TNRG 6-23-09


Here is a map for "about" 5.25 miles. I have the path going on the bike trail through Riverside Park, crossing the walking bridge, going past the Blue Moose, crossing Demers bridge, and back to the YMCA. I say "about" 5.25 because the trails that are there now do not exist on the map.

Here is the route:

Happy Running!

Jun 15, 2009

TNRG 6-16-09

Here are the routes for Tuesday's run.  Meet at the YMCA at 6:00PM!

Happy Running!

5.5 miles-

7.5 miles-

Jun 9, 2009

TNRG Routes

Hi Runners!

We will meet tonight at 6:00PM for our Tuesday Night Running Group. Meet on the lawn of the YMCA. We will run rain or shine. If it's raining at the start, meet inside the Y instead of on the lawn.

If you haven't joined us yet, please do! It's free and we have lots of fun. All paces are welcome. We have 7:30 minute milers, 13:00 minute milers, and everything in between.

Tonight, I have a 4 mile route planned as well as a 6 mile route. The routes start together and the 4 mile group splits off.

Here are the links to the routes:

4 miles:


6 miles:

See you tonight!

Happy Running.

Jun 3, 2009

Running tracker sites



Try these sites out for great ways to track your mileage and track your workouts! The Daily Mile serves as a social networking site for runners/athletes along with tracking your workouts...very cool!

Happy Running!

Jun 2, 2009

Tuesday Night Running Group (TNRG)

Hi Runners!

Please join us tonight for our first Tuesday Night Running Group! TNRG will take place every Tuesday through September. We will meet at 6:00PM the YMCA downtown. Distances range from 4 to 8 miles and the group is free and open to anyone who is able to run at least 4 miles.

Here is a suggested route for tonight (5 miles). You don't have to run this exact route or distance. Some can go longer or shorter....it's all for FUN, so do what you want!

See you tonight at 6.

Happy Running!