Apr 30, 2009



Here is the route for this weekend. There's only one....I want the full and the half to have one final bonding experience before the race!!

See you Saturday morning at 7am at the YMCA.

Happy Running!


Apr 23, 2009

Presentation Sunday 4-26 at 5pm

Please join us this Sunday, 4-26 at 5pm at Center Court for a special presentation by our very own Jane Gruhot!

Jane Gruhot, licensed skin therapist, will be giving a short informative presentation on how to protect your skin from damaging UV rays.

She will cover:
- The difference between UVA & UVB
- How the skin is damaged
- What types of SPF to choose
Plus FREE samples of different types of SPF for you to take home!! Hope you can make it!

What: "Sun, Skin and Smart Defense" by Jane Gruhot
Where: Center Court Fitness Club, Group Exercise Room
When: Sunday, 4-26 at 5pm
Why: Learn about ways to protect your skin from the sun it's exposed to during running, etc!


Saturday, 4-28-09


We'll meet at 7am this Saturday at Center Court Fitness Club.

Here are the routes.

Happy Running!

RRR GF FULL 4-25-09 (follow 4-11-09) -12 miles

RRR GF HALF 4-25-09 (follow 3-17-07) – 9 miles

11 mile alternate route:
Continue on Gateway to 42nd Ave
42nd to Demers
Demers to Columbia
Columbia to 32nd Ave
32nd back to Center Court

Apr 15, 2009

Group Run 4-18-09


Here are the routes for the weekend. Please meet at 7am at the YMCA (yes, everyone!). Amy will be going at 6am in case you want to join her.

Happy Running!

RRR GF FULL 4-18-09 (follow 4-4-09) (20)


RRR GF HALF – 4-18-09 (8)


Apr 14, 2009

Yoga Session with Patrick Anderson

Runners -

Please join us for a special Yoga Session for Red River Runners on Wednesday, April 29th at 6pm with instructor Patrick Anderson!

This session will take place at the Lotus Meditation Center on the UND Campus (2908 University Avenue). Cost is $5 per person. If you have your own yoga mat, please bring it along. Otherwise, the center has a few extras.

I hope you can join us! We were lucky enough to do this last year and it was AMAZING! He is going to be showing us stretches specifically for runners, so it will be very beneficial to attend.

We will NOT have our regular 800 workout on the 29th because of this.

Happy Running!

Apr 10, 2009

routes for 4-11-09


Below are the routes for the weekend. The alterations for the beginner distances are in your email.

EVERYONE (full and half) will meet at 7am at CENTER COURT this Saturday. The gym will not be open at that time, so please meet in the parking lot.

Happy Running!

RRR GF FULL 4-11-09 (12 miles)


RRR GF HALF 4-11-09 (10 miles)


Apr 7, 2009

Wednesday night 800's

Hello runners!

We will be meeting on Wednesday night at 6pm at the YMCA for our weekly 800's workout.

Full marathoners, you'll have 7 x 800's, and Half marathoners, you'll have 4 x 800's.

If you have any questions or are uncertain about how these should go, PLEASE join us on Wednesday! We had a lot of fun last week!

Happy running!

Apr 3, 2009

Running Routes for 4-4-09


Below are the routes for this Saturday. Marathoners, please meet at the YMCA at 7am to get going on the run. Half marathoners, if you would like to show up at 7am and get a head start, there have been others who expressed interest for the early start. AND, if you're a sleepy head like me, you can certainly show up at the regular time (8am) and get going then!

Amy and Amanda will begin their run at 6am from the YMCA, so for those of you who are REALLY early risers, that option is out there, too.

Water stations for the Full -

Miles 4, 8, 12, 16, and possibly 18

Water station for the Half -

Mile 4*

(*there will not be a water station if you're running at 6am- please use the Loaf n Jug gas station at the corner of 42nd and University as a water stop)

As always, we will provide the water and we ask that you provide your own sports drink.

In the Phase 3 plan, there are 2 programs for each race; the beginner and the intermediate. I have mapped out the intermediate course. Here are the alterations if you wish to follow the beginner plan:

Full - When you reach the intersection of Cherry Street and 47th Ave (at about mile 13.5), turn left onto 47th instead of going straight to do the loop. THEN, after mile 18, instead of going all the way down 3rd to 10th, cut back to the YMCA when you hit University Ave.

Half- After going over the Columbia bridge overpass, turn right onto University Ave instead of running up to 10th. Head straight back to the YMCA.


RRR GF FULL 4-4-09


RRR GF HALF 4-4-09


See you on Saturday!

Happy Running!

Chris Howson - Howson Chiropractic presentation Sunday 4-5-09 at 5pm

Chris Howson of Howson Chiropractic will be presenting to the Red River Runners - GF group on Sunday, April 5th at 5pm at Center Court Fitness Club.

Chris will talk to us about the importance of "keeping it together" while training and how a well-aligned body can improve performance and overall wellness.

Please join us for the last presentation of the season this Sunday at 5pm!

Happy Running!